Born a Highlander in ’78, I grew up in that amazing pre-internet era.
Finished High School and dabbled in Uni, City Living, Office Jobs, and Flat Shares until I realised it was all not for me.
I was told I couldn’t have kids in my teens but then had one, and almost 12 years later followed her with another. In the gap in between I collected businesses, hobbies and animals. Lots of them, and most of the businesses and hobbies involve animals.

I’ve never been lucky when it came to health, or smart when it came to making decisions. Some of that is improving with age, some deteriorating.
When you read this blog be aware that I have battled some demons like; low income, depression and anxiety, serious back and neck injuries, internal organs that malfunction. I am almost certain I have dyslexia, also I scored just a couple of points off Asperger’s on the Autism Spectrum, and apparently I have an above average IQ which is surprising considering some of the exceptionally dim things I do.

I have always been a dreamer, spiritual, a social animal, an entrepreneur, a farmer, a hopeful romantic and a loyal friend.

“What kind of woman would…..” was a question I was asked by a stranger at a party regarding a really quite drastic and unusual decision I had made. I had never realised it was such a questionable decision because to me it was obviously what I had to do to be happy. However, if you are a stranger you have no idea about what kind of woman I am, and my motivations, so fair comment. I found it a really interesting question – what kind of woman am I? Can I be categorised?
I’m not sure, truthfully, what the answer is – but this blog will detail some of the other things this kind of woman does and I think we’ll find she’s not so dissimilar from most.